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The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition:

The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition:

The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition one of London’s longest ever running art shows, now in its 242nd year. The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition is the largest art show in the world, with over 10,000 pieces of art submitted every year, with some available for sale. Art lovers and budding artists worldwide come together to this truly magnificent exhibition. The exhibition will take place at the Royal Academy of Arts, the oldest art institution in Great Britain, located in the heart of the West End of London. The exhibition will feature work by many academicians and new work from artists like Tracy Emin, Antoni Tapies, Michael Craig-Martin, Ed Ruscha and Gillian Ayres.

This year’s theme of the exhibition is ‘Raw’ and Royal Academicians Stephen Chambers and David Chipperfield, will be choosing works which co-ordinate with the theme.

The event is not just for artists either. Work of film makers, photographers, architects, painters and sculptors, anyone interested in any of these professions may find it useful to visit the exhibition for inspiration. Not to mention it has also been noted as a must see event from people working in theatre, media, design, marketing, even CD Packaging and design!

The Summer Exhibition also pays tribute to the artists who have passed on this year, artists like John Craxton, Barry Flanagan and Flava Irwin will be remembered and some of their works will be displayed.

The exhibition runs from the 14th June to the 22nd August 2010 with various opening times. Ticket prices are free for children under 7, children aged 8-11 cost £4, for teenagers aged 12-18 it costs £5. For adults it starts from £9.50, seniors start from £8.50 and concessionary prices vary from £5.50-£8.50 a ticket. Included in the price is a List of Works, worth £3.50. Also remember you are purchasing a ticket to the largest art exhibition in the world, so it is an event not to be missed, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Two ways to quickly get on the web:

Two ways to quickly get on the web:

It can be hard, and costly to make your own website, you may have to buy your own software, sometimes MS Office just isn’t enough, and then you have to go about buying some webspace to host your own website, complicated and will cost a lot monthly, if your website isn’t a professional one.

For professional, cheap web design, go to “Open Source Web Design“. On Open Source Web Design (OSWD), you can take your pick from over 2000 different web designs, free to download and use, so you don’t have to worry about designing a new website from scratch if you don’t want the hassle of doing so, if you’ve got an eye for design or out of the 2080 different designs you can’t find the one you like, OSWD are open to suggestions, so you could get the perfect website quickly and cheaply! They also have a range of premium designs, and they only cost money to fund OSWD.

If you urgently need some free space, or aren’t prepared to pay for it, webs.com gives you websites for free and are even ready made. Choose from over 300 templates, customize them, add your personal features like logos, add blogs, forums, photo galleries, you could even turn your website into a fully-fledged business with the help of Google Checkout and PayPal. Webs.com boasts of many features, and all for free. With a free webs.com account you get up to 40mb of web storage, and up to 30 minutes of video storage. They also have great premium services, for as little as $4 a month, you get 400mb of online storage, 150 minutes of video storage, and even a $50 Google advertising voucher, so you can even get some advertising from Google to drive some traffic to your new site.

Creating a website is easy, you don’t have to be an IT Consultant to have your own web presence, webs.com and “Open Source Web Design”make it easier to create your own website with no hassle.

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