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Why You Should Use Acrylics

Why You Should Use Acrylics

Acrylics have always had a slightly lesser reputation than other paints, within artistic circles. Eclipsed by oil paints and considered less difficult to use than watercolour, acrylics have always suffered, to some extent, as being viewed as an amateur style of painting, even though, truth be told, most people find it very difficult to tell acrylics and oil paints apart from a few feet away.
With all this negativity towards the medium, it’s no wonder that some artists skip it completely and move straight onto oils, which is a shame: acrylics offer a number of advantages over both watercolour and oils, and while it may be true that they also lack certain qualities, it’s fair to say that the advantages in some situations are considerable. After recently doing a lot of work for Hotels in Looe I considered all my options and in the end found acrylics to really be the best choice.
Reasons why you should consider using acrylics.
1) Unlike oils, acrylics are water-based. This means they don’t smell half as much as oils, and they are a lot cheaper to buy (seeing as you won’t need to use turps which both smells and is costly).
2) Acrylics dry very quickly. In ten or fifteen minutes your paints are well on the way to hardening; this means that in an outdoor situation, where speed is of the essence, you have the advantage of leaving if the weather suddenly turns nasty.
3) Unlike poster paint, acrylics behave very similarly to oils. This means that you can practice for a while with these and then move onto oils knowing that you half understand the medium you are about to take on.
4) Because of the speed which acrylics dry at, you can add more layers faster; this is especially useful if you are looking to exhibit the work and speed is of the essence, if you are looking to frame your pieces.

Bulgarian Traditional Medicine

Traditions are inevitably a part of the culture of people - all traditions combined give the authentic look of every culture of every nation. This is the reason why exploring these traditions is what gives us the idea of uniqueness of every nation and people across the world, each one remarkable and different from the others.

Bulgarian Culture is famous for its history and traditions. However, little is known about a significant part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage - the old, almost ancient, herbal recipes for the unusual Bulgarian Traditional Medicine.

Bulgaria is a country rich in herbs - from Mediterranean to Oriental herbs, the land is quite appropriate for raising them and the traditional means for preparing medicines or authentic tasty and vitamin full products are a significant part of the Bulgarian understandings about a healthy life.

Since the ancient times when Tracians used to inhabit the lands of what is nowadays Bulgaria, there are thousands of traditional recipes for medicines, especially for skin care and skin diseases. This is the reason why during th development of Bulgaria, traditional medicine physicians established certain institutions to heal and prevent people such skin disorders - nowadays the dermatological complexes in Plovdiv and Sofia offer quite an extraordinary skin care procedures - the complete relaxation and cleansing of the skin is achieved through using the traditional herbs from the Rila and Pirin Mountains.

However, this is not the only sphere of application of the traditional medicine - as other types of unusual treatment ( such as the Chinese medicine), the Bulgarian medicine is famous for providing ingredients for almost every disorder in your body - from a minor cold to a broken arm. So if you are visiting Bulgaria, hoping you have no health issues, try the vitamin teas of Bulgarians or simply try the skin care procedures - you will see approaches used by ancient people brought to mmodern days and you would definitely experience the healing force of nature.

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