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The art of limited edition sculpture

The art of limited edition sculpture

I am not sure of the reason why, but it is a common human trait to want to collect. Some people go overboard and might be defined as hoarders, but for the majority, collecting one or two different types of items is just a lot of fun. Others that might be called serious collectors, collect to satisfy some sort of inner need. How else can you explain a grown man with a million baseball cards?

One of the things that people collect is limited edition sculptures. With this hobby or fascination, there are endless areas to specialize in. Some collect Hummel Figurines which can be worth thousands of dollars. Others are in to pewter or bronze sculptures. They may collect a specific theme or they may be more general.

The limited edition label indicates that only a certain amount of a particular sculpture was made and that no more of the same kind will ever be made. If you are lucky enough to have a very rare piece that was made by a well known artist, your limited edition sculpture can actually be a good investment.

If you are willing to hold on to your collection, over the years, certain limited edition statues can appreciate nicely. Some may say they are not in it for money, bu because they love what they are collecting. That may be true, but eventually, most of those precious, limited edition sculptures are either sold or put up for auction on Ebay.

When you buy a limited edition sculpture, don’t buy it as an investment. Buy it because you like it. Limited edition sculptures can add to the decor of any room in the house.

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The Wire is Art on Television

Television has taken a long time to really assert itself as a medium worth attention from even the very most fickle of critics and people involved with the arts who usually just look down on it. But of course, there’s no reason to think that television should be considered any less of an art form than any other medium. Just as film and now video-games were quickly able to become art-forms, television has taken a longer road but it is getting there, and in recent years it has taken great strides in the direction.
New drama series, led by the HBO network as well as ABC and EMC, have shown that TV is capable of much more than just creating populist nonsense, or showing repeats of reality TV shows for audiences who advertisers and executives assume are fickle and unable to tell what makes good and bad television. The move towards art as television has been led in recent years by mega series like Six Feet Under and The Sopranos, both of which have pushed the boundaries of the medium towards art and away from popular entertainment. While they are not very likely to find themselves shown in art galleries they are quite likely to be revered just as much as novels and other works of art.
One particular development is taking them even closer to being like mega-movies that are closer to novels in their depth and storytelling prowess. The ability to buy every episode of a whole series at the click of a finger, either downloading them digitally or being able to buy the box set of the whole thing makes consuming the mega-movies easier. And it won’t eat into that chunk of money you made investing, perhaps with Galvan. The Wire is leading the way in this regard and you should go buy the five series straight away.

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